5772 Devarim

Chazal tell us that three prophets prophesized using the word “Eicha,” “Alas.” These were Moshe, Yeshaya and Yirmiyahu. The most famous of the three is, or course, Yirmiyahu, since he authored the Book of Lamentations. But Moshe, who lived 850 years before the Churban, and Yeshaya, who lived 130 before, already recognized the seeds of ruin that sprouted much later. It is interesting to note that Moshe used the term Eicha when he appointed helpers to adjudicate the disputes of Klal Yisroel. He realized that this was the beginning of the end. Since the People no longer had to face Moshe himself, their spiritual level declined to the point that they were unworthy to enter the Land. In fact, the generation that merited entry were unable to maintain their level for very long. All this because they deprived themselves of Moshe’s direct guidance. There are many clues in Chazal as to how to repair the damage of the Churban, but one thing is for sure. FROM THIS WE LEARN that we must take advantage of the Torah scholars around us, and take every opportunity to benefit from their wisdom and guidance. That is the key in paving the way towards Redemption. If lack of exposure to a Torah sage started the illness, exposure to sages will begin the treatment.